Testo 175 H1 2-channel Temperature and Humidity

สินค้าขายดี! Testo 175 H1 2-channel Temperature and Humidity
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      Testo 175 H1 2-channel Temperature and Humidity

      With its long-term stable humidity sensor, the testo 175 H1 is the professional data logger for the monitoring of temperature and relative humidity in work and storage rooms. The external probe stands out thanks to faster reaction times in comparison to probes installed inside the housing. The testo 175 H1 continuously records temperature and humidity values and shows the dewpoint in the display. The indoor climate is well monitored, emphasizing the need for targeted ventilation and air exchange.



      -       One button operation - Click and “GO” button instantly starts logging and recording.

      -       TWO standard interfaces - Mini USB and SD card for easiest direct communication with your PC - no added interface required.

      -       Large display w/ one button backlight - For easily viewing data in poorly lit areas.

      -       Longer battery life - Designed to conserve energy for data recording without interruption. Up to 3 years battery life at 15 min. measurement rate. 3 x AlMn Type AAA or Energizer.

      -       Larger memory - Collect up to 2 million measurements.

      -       FREE Programming and Analysis Software

      -       Fully protected data

      -       Rugged design for everyday use


      Measuring range

      -4 to 131°F, ( -20 to 55°C)
      -40 to +122 °Ftd 0 to 100 %RH


      ±2 %RH (2 to 98 %RH)
      +0.03 %RH/K ±0.7 °F (-4 to +131°F)


      0.1 °F, 1 %RH

      Protection class


      Measurement rate

      10 sec to 24 h


      1.000.000 readings

      Battery life

      3 years at 15 min. measurement rate

      Probe type humid. sensor, cap.

      Measurement Range

      0 to 100 %RH


      ±2 %RH (2 to +98 %RH)
      +0,03 %RH/K


      1 %RH