Extech 40130 Non-contact AC Voltage Detector

สินค้าขายดี! Extech 40130 Non-contact AC Voltage Detector
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      Extech 40130 Non-contact AC Voltage Detector

      Non-contact AC Voltage Detector has a simple interface suitable for discovering where power surging through cables is being disrupted, and enables you to make measurements without disrupting the performance of the equipment you are testing. An LED light found at the top of the test equipment also alerts you to whether the voltage tester is on.

      Powered by two AAA batteries, this tool is suitable for evaluating AC currents with a range from 100 to 600 VAC. Troubleshooting is enhanced by an audible alarm that will sound whenever the test equipment detects voltage. A button found at the bottom of the voltage tester can deactivate this function whenever necessary.

      Detection distance provided by this non-contact  tester should be within 5mm of the appliance, and this test equipment will work comfortably in temperatures from 0 to 50 degrees Celsius. Intended solely for use indoors, the manual provides guidance on operating the Extech 40130 when measurement capabilities are affected by static electricity and other energy sources. As this voltage tester has been designed as a sensitive receptor to AC currents, the sensor may be tripped occasionally.

      If you are working in humid environments of up to 80%, or require a voltage tester that offers compatibility in altitudes of 2,000m, consider the Extech 40130with a one-year warranty and a user-friendly interface. The test equipment weighs 57g, and will function well in circuits with frequencies of 50 and 60 Hz. If you plan to use the voltage tester regularly, the included pocket clip makes this portable device easy to carry around with you.


      Applications for the Extech 40130 Voltage Detector:

      -       Voltage check in outlets

      -       Battery check

      -       Checking for open wires in cables

      -       Light bulb continuity check

      -       Non-Contact Detection of AC Voltage from 100VAC to 600VAC

      -       For use on 50/60Hz circuits

      -       Tip fits into outlets or against wire insulation

      -       Flashing red LED light and push button ON/OFF Audible beeper indicator

      -       Locate breaks in power cables

      -       Convenient size with pocket clip

      -       Complete with two AAA batteries


      Voltage Sensitivity

      100 to 300V AC



      Detection distance


      Over voltage

      Category III 600V

      Operating Temperature

      32 to 122oF (0 to 50oC)

      Storage Temperature

      -4 to 140oF (-20 to 60oC)


      Operating below 2000 meters

      Relative Humidity

      80% up to 31oC, decreasing to 50% at 40oC


      2 AAA batteries


      6x0.75x1” / 2oz


      For indoor use and in accordance with Overvoltage Category III, Pollution Degree 2.

      UL Listed

      The UL mark does not indicate that this product has been evaluated for the accuracy of its readings.