Fluke TiS50 Infrared Camera 9Hz

สินค้าขายดี! Fluke TiS50 Infrared Camera 9Hz
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    204,000.00 THB
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      Fluke TiS50 Infrared Camera 9Hz

      Find problems fast in electrical, mechanical and building applications with the TiS50 Infrared Camera's 220x165 resolution and IR-Fusion® with AutoBlend and PIP mode.

       - Simple, easy to use fixed focus technology

       - Quality images – 220x165 resolution (36,300 pixels)

       - D:S of 353:1

       - Temperature measurement range -20 °C to 450 °C (–4 °F to 842 °F)

       - Find problems fast with exclusive IR-Fusion® Blending and PIP mode – capture the details you need to analyze problems and clearly identify the location

       - 3.5 inch, 320x240 LCD

       - 5 megapixel industrial performance digital camera 

       - Smart battery system – lithium ion smart battery with five-segment LED charge level display

       - Email and share images in real time with Fluke Connect®

       - Stores thousands of images – 4 GB internal memory and 4 GB micro SD card