Hioki RM3542 Resistance Meter

สินค้าขายดี! Hioki RM3542 Resistance Meter
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      Hioki RM3542 Resistance Meter

      Over time, manufacturers of chip resistors and taping machines* have made known to HIOKI their desire for an ohmmeter that could be integrated into an automatic testing system to provide a rapid, 100% inspection capability. The RESISTANCE HiTESTER RM3542 meets this need by:

      -       Contributing to a dramatic increase in efficiency in shipping inspections of resistors and other components thanks to its ultra-high measurement speed and precision

      -       Contributing to improved reliability by monitoring whether measurement is being performed in a reliable manner by means of a continuous contact check function

      Taping machine: A device that picks up, tests, and packages components such as resistors and chip inductors on a mass production line.

      Industry-leading ultra-high-speed and ultra-high-precision resistance measurement

      -       The RM3542 employs the DC four-terminal method to measure resistors, chip inductors, EMC components, and other parts at high speed and precision. The instrument can test 1% tolerance (F-type) resistors in as little as 0.9 ms (according to HIOKI findings).

      -       Under standard settings, accuracy of ±0.011% is guaranteed for 1 kΩ measurement in fast mode (at a measurement speed of 0.9 ms).

      High-resolution, 7-digit display

      -       Thanks to its high-resolution, 7-digit display and broad measurement range of 0 Ω (0.0000 mΩ) to 120.0000 MΩ, the RESISTANCE HiTESTER RM3542 can also test 0.1% tolerance (B-type) resistors.

      Contact check to ensure measurement reliability

      -       A continuous contact check function monitors whether the resistor or other component under measurement is being properly measured at all times. A voltage monitor function can detect failed measurements, and the instrument can repeat measurements in a reliable manner. This functionality combines to increase measurement reliability.

      Low-power resistance measurement

      -       The RM3542 supports low-power resistance measurement with limited measurement currents in the 1,000 mΩ to 1,000 Ω range, enabling testing of parts such as chip inductors and EMC components that must be measured using low currents.

      Saving and outputting measured values

      -       The RM3542 can store up to 30,000 measurement datapoints in its memory. The ability to transfer measurement data for an entire reel of chip resistors to a computer or other device after testing of the reel is complete makes a significant contribution to quality control.


      -       Use with taping machines

      -       Use with automatic testers that perform resistance measurement

      -       Testing and sorting at resistor manufacturers’ facilities



      -       Industry-leading ultra-high-speed and ultra-high-precision resistance measurement

      -       High speed and accuracy maximize productivity in automated systems

      -       High-resolution, 7-digit display

      -       Contact check to ensure measurement reliability

      -       Multiple checking functions ensure proper contact for reliable measurements

      -       Low-power resistance mode measures chip inductors and EMC suppression components

      -       Saving and outputting measured values

      -       Supports sample inspections during the manufacturing process



      -       Power cord × 1

      -       EXT I/O male connector × 1

      -       Operation manual × 1

      -       Operation guide × 1